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The following applies to most bead filters. In almost all cases, bead filters do well having an intake guilloutine valve installed so if you have a lot of pressure from your blower (which is essential to bead filters) it doesn't churn the pond.

Instructions for back washing Bead Filter.

1) Turn off pump and close intake line from tanks.

2) Turn valve to "Rinse".

3) Turn on blower for 30 to 60 seconds = Until you hear it "jumping" good.

4) Turn off blower.

5) Turn valve to "Backwash".

6) Turn pump back on and open intake line from pump.

7) Wait for waste water in sight glass or discharging from head to become clear. (Approximately 60 seconds)

8) Turn valve to "Rinse". (It is not necessary to turn off the pump when going from one mode to another unless you are using a pump larger than ¼ hp. Avoid stopping in the "Closed" mode because it creates pressure on the plumbing.)

Leave on "Rinse" briefly, until water in sight glass or the water from the waste line becomes clear again.

9) Turn valve back to "Filter" and that's it.

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